Summary of our production

DIN and ISO Hand taps set of 2/3, standard and special machine taps straight fluted with short chamfer for blind/through hole, straight fluted taps with spiral point for through hole, spiral fluted 15°- 25°- 35°- 45° for blind hole, fluteless taps with oil flutes, taps for tapered pipe thread, drill taps, taps with extralong shank, nut taps, taper-gas cylinders , tyre valves taps, wire thread insert taps, trapezoidal coarse thread taps with straight and spiral fluted, steel conduit thread taps, cycle threads taps, etc.

All our taps are produced in HSS-E and, HSSCo-PM, hard metal with specific surface coatings, suitable to work all types of material.

Our dies production includes standard and special dies, solid circular and bell form dies, suitable to work all types of material.

Thread types for which you can normally find standard and special taps and dies ready at Stock.

ISO Metric coarse thread M, ISO Metric coarse thread for wire thread insert EG-M, ISO Metric fine thread MF, ISO Metric coarse thread for wire thread insert EG-MF, Metric taper thread UNI 7707, British standard Whitworth thread BSW, Whitworth fine thread BSF, Whitworth pipe thread BSP, Tapered pipe thread BSPT, Cylindrical Whitworth internal pipe thread Rp, American tapered pipe thread NPT, NPTF, American unified thread UN, American national pipe straight NPSM, NPSF, NPSI, Unified coarse and fine thread UNC, UNF, 8UN, UNEF, Unified national thread for wire thread insert EG-UNC e EG-UNF, PG steel conduit thread, British thread BA, Trapezoidal coarse thread Tr, Tyre valves thread VG-ETRTO, Metric and Whitworth threads for gas cylinder, Cycle threads BSC.